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Jhampir School (Thatta) – Gawahi Mission

Jhampir School (Thatta)

“Jhimpir” a small village of Thatta -Sindh (150Km from Karachi) where many communities living together Hindu’s (tribal) Muslims and Christians, their was no school, Dispensary other necessities for children and women infect their was no toilets in this hole village.
Education is at first priority of our organization because we believe that through education we can cut the roots of poverty from the communities because people of Jhampir are very poor so they not able to send their children to school to another village because they not able to pay fees. Gawahi Mission has taken that initiative to start school from a very small scale and resources to change the situation of Jhmapir & surrounding villages through education.
Gawahi Mission High School in Jhampir had 100 students from different backgrounds without any discrimination of religions, We constructed small compound with canes and divided children in to 3 grades provide them Books, bags , chairs, tables, blackboards, and all other things to start the school and appointed three dedicated professional teacher who have heart to change the community through education. Even now there are many children still waiting to get education especially young / adult women who never went to school.

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