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Hari Camp School – Gawahi Mission

Hari Camp School

Hari camp is located in the district Kotri- Sindh, its village of people who has been released from the captivity of the highly influential land owner who put men and families in their captivity and use them as their slaves for generations with the help of human right & local NGO’s hundred of families has been released and they start living in this village “Hari Camp” population compress of Muslims, Hindus and Christians communities lives together since more then 9 years with out any basic utilities of life i.e. electricity, Gas, Hospital , water , Schools.
We started school in 2008 from 90 students with different age groups & backgrounds especially for the children who never went to school Gawahi Mission distribute books, copies, bags and appoint teachers from surrounded areas. It has been such a joy to see children getting education in this poor and less privileged village, we are keen to extend that school with school building and other basic facilities.
There are many children and women are still waiting to get education (as adult Education) and we are planning to start adult women school and skill development centers in Hari Camp-kotri , Sindh.

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